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Advanced Taoist healing programe

2015/6/29 14:52:26


Advanced Taoist healing programe

ConditionsLuxury room near mountain temple,mainly Purple Cloud Temple,Five-dragon Temple and Qiongtai Temple.
Class size:private one-to-one training
Food:individual-tailored meal recipes prescribed by senior Taoist doctor.
series Taoist culture activities
Healing or alleviation of  : AIDS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD),Obesity,Diatetes,Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS),Motor neuron diseases,Cerebral Atrophy,Prostatitis,Acne, cancer,diabetes,mental disorder,neuradynamia, drug-alchohol addiction,weak constitution,cold body,insomnia,Anemia, algomenorrhea,Frozen Shoulders, Lumbar Intervertebral Disk Protrusion,Sub-health,apoleicis,premature ejaculation,frigidity etc.
Through: senior Taoist  cultivator,doctor,Qigong master,Traditional Chinese medicine doctor and internal kungfu master via methods of Qigong training,soft taiji  training,herbal medicines,massage,needles,combustion,immortality cultivation,Fetal breathing,Taoist Fasting,Daoyin,Tuna,Inner Alchemy,Chinese food therapy,Tea therapy,Meditation and other secret manners.

General Steps:

1Explanation of the diseases:

2Definition of the diseases

3Symptom Explanations of the diseases

4Causes of the diseases by Western and Chinese medicine aspects

5Treatment of Western medicines

6Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicines(TCM),mainly herbal formula,acupuncture,food,cupping etc.

7Taoist methods of Qigong,Daoyin,internal alchemy,Fasting,food.


Qigong, an ancient science and art of health, is a traditional form of Chinese energy excise and healing art for the body, mind, and spirit. Qigong is ideal for establishing emotional balance in today's stressful lifestyle and for helping to heal seriously ill people--those struggling with chronic degenerative conditions such as paralysis, cancer, asthma, cardiovascular and other more.

People will ask us what the mechanism of qigong is. Generally speaking, like in a rice field, western medicine always have the trend of using all their means to kill the weeds. But in the meantime the rice shoots incur damage, more or less. Most patients know what the results is when they receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But for Qigong practice, at beginning it will directly strengthen patients immune system and more deep concerning inner energy system. In a word, it seeks to harmonize the relationship of all internal organs and drop the idea to distinguish which is friend and which is enemy. How to achieve such aim, you may ask? For a tree, at the very beginning there is no division of which is normal and which abnormal for it stays at initiative stage of the very root. But later different branches develop into various forms, and good, bad, long, short, etc. come into being. By adopting special means we can reverse the process of growing up and take the course of sailing against the life current to return back to the very beginning. Once we reach that state there should be no any "branches" possibly existing to wield effects upon our physical existence. Qigong is just the method of how to take the reversing course.

As like to let the rice shoots get stronger and stronger, the weeds will have less and less effects upon the rice shoots. As the process continues, sometime the weeds will have no effect upon the rice shoots. Later the time will come of the rice shoots overpowering weeds. And people naturally know why Qigong can prolong patients' life expectancy, at least. If patients can properly proceed with the practice, Qigong can bring them much more than they could expect, especially the serene happiness general people could never have the chance to experience throughout their life time. Yes, somebody may ridicule at the theory, but no proper practice for a certain period people will never know what the Qigong is. Qigong is the study of practice rather than just a theory. Qigong theory will be always beyond the thinking sphere of the persons who never seriously join the practice for a time.

2 Qigong Treatment Course

2-1. Taking Chinese Herbal Medicine     

Patients with diseases are advised to take some Chinese medicine which can help open up channels and collaterals quickly and strengthen immune system. According to the constitution,pulse and symptoms of different patients our senior Taoist doctors and other TCM doctors with rich clinical experiences will prescribe scientific herbal formulas and initiate cupping and acupuncture manners. In most of the herbal formulas the herbs should work together to open up channels in a quick way and strenghten Yin and Yang, make for the balance of Yin and Yang, quicken the blood flow, enhance the presence of Defensive Qi and Operative Qi, enrich the blood and Qi. Etc. Taking such herbal medicine can lay a good foundation for Qigong practice to quickly take effect: first is the Yang Qi can have a play ground to arise and reside in. Second, Qi can arise quickly in large amount. When Qi arises from the very deep Qi Ocean the internal organs would function more harmoniously with each other and they would like more to behave as like an integrated unit which can effect incredible power in launching overwhelming force against any potential pathogenic factors.

2-2. Persistent Self-Practice

When channels are opened up and evil Qi is driven away, the excellent environment for Qi to arise comes to be ready and patients should pracitice diligently with the practice every day. Many patients failed to gain final success because they don't have a strong will power in persisting in the practice every day. Qigong practice pay much attention upon how to discipline the false heart. There exist no diseases that cannot be cured, yet there always exist the false heart that could not be dead. So the first step for qigong practice is to discipline the false heart. Zhong Liu once said:" I am a dead man still alive. I can see nothing, I can hear nothing, my thinking ability is gong. I have no consciousness of my existence." All these mean I am dead, yet my mind-will still keeps its presence motionlessly in the infinite emptiness. What am I? I have been dead for thousands of years."

The key for successfully achieving incredible progress lies in rapid storing up adequate Yang Qi, then with it to open up the twelve meridians, Ren channels and Du channel, and the eight extra meridians. When Yang Qi and Primeval Qi smoothly circulate in all channels and collaterals, all evil pathogenic factors will be gradually die out.

If patients persist in practicing Wudang internal Qigong six hours every day in a proper way, and keep free from all other stray thoughts intruding upon the heart, there will be no despair anymore! When our heart, as like the root of a tree, falls ' ill,' our body will fall ill. When our heart keeps away from all 'diseases,' our body will be healthy always!

Lee, Xuhan, a great Qigong master accomplished in Tao, once said: " When only the last breath is left along there still exists the opportunity for the patient to recuperate their health again."

For proper Qigong practice, the following lists all the essential things patients should pay attention to:

<1> Strong will power in persisting in the practice every day

<2> Preserve enough Jing for it is the physical foundation for Qigong progress.

<3> Fall the heart into a constant stillness, get rid of all disturbance, abstain from experiencing too much emotional changes.

<4> Lead a very simple life, take vegetables rather than food of cold, pepery, fat, too sweet nature.

<5> Choose to practice very effective school of Qigong, which can prevent patients from wasting too much time.

8Soft Taiji training

  Physical movements can drastically facilitate the move of Qi,blood flowing and opening of channels.

9Mental Cultivation by studying Dao de Jing,School of Mind by Wang Yangming,Buddhism.

10individual-tailored food therapies.

All diseases originate from the mouth

11series supplementary curing methods of TCM.

13 needle points of Sweat Pore

Open the Heavenly eye

Meridian channels



Taoist Fasting

Taoist Hermit on Wudang Mountain

Five Elements is in accordance with five internal organs,five color,five tastes,five emotion

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