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Daoist Healthpreserving retreat in April ,2015

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Daoist Healthpreserving retreat (Qigong,Fasting,Detoxification ,Taoist Medicines and Wudang Taoist Health improvement ) from April 8th to April 15th  ,2015

Structure of this Article

1 .Major aims and background of this programe
2. What is a  toxin,
3. classifications and introduction to general toxins
4. Causes of toxins
5. Sources of Toxins in Humans
6. Injury to the Body Caused by Toxins
7. What is Detox?
8. The Five Most Widespread Methods of Modern Detox(advantages and side effects)
9. The Daoist Method of Detoxification
10 . Organization of this programe :registration,avenue,schedule and faculty.

Major aims and background of this programe:

1> Modern  people suffer from an excess of toxins within the body
2>Toxins  in the body are brought about by living an unbalanced life and cause serious  harm to the organs and different bodily systems
3>Detoxifying  the body to promote better health and balance is of great importance to modern  people
4>The  majority of modern detox methods are flawed and insufficient in their  methodology and results, and can often bring about alarming, unforeseen side  effects.

The Qi Supplementing  Method of Detoxification is  an all-encompassing method of detox which focuses on ridding the body of toxins  by supplementing the qi in order to promote better health, increased vitality,  uninhibited circulation, and more balanced functioning of all bodily systems.

Daoist Priests have been  assiduously studied and researched Daoist methods of health cultivation .  One of our main goals through this process has been finding methods for integrating  health cultivation practices into daily life and imparting these teachings to  the worldr wushu lovers. 

Thirty years ago the majority  of Chinese people suffered from poor health and faced short life  expectancy.  This was directly caused by  a lack of sufficient food and subsequent deficiencies in nutritional  intake.  Recently the rise in  socio-economic development has facilitated a great improvement in standards of  living as well as the quantity and quality of food.  On the surface the populace’s physical health  appears to be much improved and life expectancy has been significantly  extended. 

We have accumulated many years of experience teaching both  Chinese and international students of different ages in China as well as  traveling to teach in America, Europe, and many other countries and  regions.   Through our years of  experience we have come to understand the health conditions of modern  people.  We have concluded that the health  of modern people is not as strong as the health of our forbearers.  We believe that medical science has simply  advanced.  Hospitals, pharmacies, and  health care products of all kinds can be found everywhere.  This is the major factor that has facilitated  the prolonging of life of modern people.

      Illness generally enters the body through the mouth and  there are several major medical problems that many people suffer from in modern  society:  Toxins within the body, poor  health in the internal organs, the appearance of problems in both joints and  bones, etc. are much more prevalent now than in previous times.  Another of these major problems is what is  referred to as the ‘High Three’.  The  High Three are high blood pressure/hypertension, high blood lipids (fats), and  high blood glucose levels.  The reason for  the prevalence of the High Three is because of an excessive intake of different  foods.  A prevalence of toxins within the  body is caused by unregulated and excessive eating and drinking that leads to  the body’s inability to excrete waste products that have accreted within it  (which in some cases also leads to an increased tendency towards chronic  constipation). 

      There are natural laws for the body to follow.  When these laws are ignored, imbalance is the  result.  The subsequent repercussions of  unchecked imbalance often results in poor health of the internal organs and  weaknesses that can lead to illness.  A  lack of moderation in drinking and eating can cause an accumulation of toxins  within the body which can greatly jeopardize one’s health.

      The vast  majority of the human body’s nutrition is received from the consumption of  food.  However, when the limit of intake  is surpassed, this can bring an increased burden upon the body’s functionality  and an overload on the organs.  For  example: the liver.  The liver is the  body’s major “chemical factory”.  A  weak  or imbalanced liver can be dangerous not only for the liver itself but also for  the body’s overall health.  The liver has  6 major functions:

1>Metabolism:metabolizing of sugar ,protein,fat,vitamines and hormones.

2>Bile production  and excretion: Absorption of bilirubin, bile acid production and excretion all  take place in the liver.  Production of  liver cells, bile secretion, transport from the bile duct to the gallbladder,, facilitation of  fat digestion and absorption.

3>Detoxification: Metabolic  processing of hazardous substances, toxins, medicines, drugs and alcohol, etc.  all take place within the liver.

4>Immunity function: The liver  is the largest network of endothelium consumption, through consuming it can  separate and eliminate invasive and endogenous antigens.

5> Blood coagulation:  Almost all blood coagulation is produced by the liver, it plays an important  role in the regulation of both the coagulation and anticoagulation systems, and  the severity of liver damage often parallels the level of blood coagulation  disorders. 
 6>Other functions:  The liver is involved in regulating the volume of blood in the body, regulating  the generation of heat and water, and electrolytes.  If the liver is weak or damaged it can cause  an imbalance in electrolytes, which can give rise to  edema.

   It can be seen  that the liver plays an extremely vital role in our daily lives.  According to Daoist experience and practice  one should rise with the sun and sleep at its setting.  The best time for liver detoxification is  between the hours of 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM.   During this time one should be soundly asleep, but many people stay up  late and indulge in late night snacking.   Late nights can be troublesome for the liver and it is unnecessary to  mention the discomforts that some people feel in the morning as they are  self-evident.
Recent research indicates that organs within  the body have specific times throughout the day in which they detoxify in order  to maintain normal, healthy functioning.   If one adopts these regulations for bodily habits, it can be greatly  beneficial to health
The next section will focus on the importance of  sleep in Daoism.
The problems mentioned above are commonly seen in modern  society.  As a result they have drawn the  attention of many and there are several different methods of detoxification  that have been developed to address them.

 Next we will take a detailed look at what exactly toxins are  as well as the harm they can cause.

What is a  toxin?
The word  toxin refers to substances within the body that have harmful effects on its  health.
Examples  of internal toxins:Free radicals; intestinal stagnation; excess cholesterol,  fat, uric acid, or lactic acid; water  toxicity and blood stasis.
 Free Radicals:
While stable atoms or  molecules normally have paired electrons, free radicals are atoms or molecules  with unpaired electrons and are generally highly chemically reactive.  Being unstable, free radicals in the body  grab electrons from other molecules through a process known as oxidation and can  damage normally functioning cells.  Our  bodies encounter many free radicals – nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, etc.  Active oxygen free  radicals have specific functions within the body, such as immunity, etc.  However, excessive active oxygen free  radicals can cause damage to normal cells and tissues of the body, thus giving  rise to illness and diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,  and tumors.  In addition, solar  radiation, pollution,  cigarette smoke, pesticides, etc. from the outside world can cause the body to  produce more free radicals.  This is the  root of human aging and disease.  Free  radicals are known as the source of all disease.  Negative ions can effectively reduce free  radicals, slow the aging process, and strengthen the body’s immunity, so we  should be sure to exercise outdoors often.

Prolonged stagnation and sedimentation of stool in the intestines: Referred to from here as intestinal stagnation.  If one goes for 3 to 5 days without a bowel movement, this is generally a sign of intestinal stagnation. Intestinal stagnation can often be a persistent problem.  Parts of the intestinal walls can sometimes swell and form small cavities which the contents of the intestines can sometimes accrue within.  This leads to stagnation and an inability to defecate.  This pervasive problem can be caused by an insufficient intake of dietary fiber

Intestinal stagnation is the source of all toxins within the intestines and can be likened to rotting meat.  It is putrid and can produce many toxins that are absorbed back into the body which cause the immunity to be weakened and lead to many different types of illness and disease.  The toxins produced are absorbed through the intestines and are then transported to various parts of the body via blood circulation.  This can lead to a dark complexion, rough skin, broadened pores, acne, abdominal distention and discomfort, halitosis, menstrual discomfort and complications, weight gain, irritability, etc.

Intestinal stagnation can also lead to intestinal and rectal disorders.  During constipation, defecation becomes difficult and excrement can become dry and hard.  This can directly cause and exacerbate rectal disorders such as enteritis and rectal fissures.  Hazardous substances within the intestines can bring about disorder and imbalance in intestinal operation, loss of appetite, abdominal swelling, belching, a dry and bitter taste in the mouth, excessive and malodorous flatulence, etc

Hard fecal matter puts pressure on the intestinal cavity which can cause it to narrow.  The structures it surrounds can then block the sphincter.  This can cause the intestines or colon to be subject to pressures which can lead to ulcers.  Serious cases can lead to intestinal perforation.

Intestinal stagnation can cause colon cancer.  This may be due to the inability of carcinogens to be expelled from inside the intestines.  According to research about 10% of people with serious cases of constipation end up with colon cancer.

Intestinal stagnation can also bring about heart and cerebrovascular disease.  Clinical research has concluded that the causes of constipation and the use of extra pressure on the abdomen, holding one’s breath and exerting excess of effort in order to defecate can bring about both heart and cerebrovascular disease.  Prolonged physical stress during defecation can contribute to the causes of angina, heart attack, cerebral hemorrhaging, stroke, etc in those with constipation.

Intestinal stagnation can also cause a barrier in one’s sex life.  Excessive use of strength during defecation fatigues the rectum.  Subsequently the rectum will contract too tightly and the pelvic floor can end up experiencing uncontrolled spastic contractions.  This can lead to an individual’s inability to ejaculate during sexual intercourse, a decline in sexual desire, and an inability to orgasm.  Intestinal stagnation can cause menstrual pain in women, vaginal spasms, produce urinary stagnation, and urinary tract infections.

It can also have an effect on the brain’s functioning.  Constipation can slow the processes of the digestive tract.  Bacteria in the intestines can give rise to many harmful substances such as methane, phenol, ammonia, etc.  These substances can spread and enter the central nervous system, interfering with normal brain function and causing a decline in memory ability, focus, mental acuity, etc.


As early as the eighteenth century cholesterol has been observed in gall stones.  Cholesterol exists in a wide range of animals.  It is found in all cell membranes of the body.  Its solubility is similar to that of fat.  It is insoluble in water and easily soluble in ether, chloroform and other solvents.  It is an essential substance in forming the membranes of cells, bile acid, vitamin D, etc.

The grease in food is comprised of fat and oil.  It is known as oil at a warm temperature and fat at lower temperatures.  Fatty acid types and lengths are not the same and fall into three broad categories: saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Fat can be dissolved in most organic solvents, but not in water.

Hazards of fat:
Heart disease – An excess of visceral fat can be difficult to get rid of and can also produce a wide range of chemical substances which can be harmful to the health of the heart.  Obesity can also lead to cardiac hypertrophy (swelling).  As a result, the heart’s ability to pump blood becomes greatly weakened which causes shortness of breath and fatigue.

Shortness of breath – Those who are overweight may suffer from difficulty breathing.  When a person lies down abdominal fat can compress the lungs, thus leading to a feeling of shortness of breath.  The more difficult breathing becomes, the more difficult it then becomes for adequate oxygen to be absorbed by the bloodstream.   This can result in an overall feeling of lethargy in the body, damage to the immune system and high blood pressure.

Headaches and snoring – Excessive fat on the back of the neck can put pressure on the nerves and lead to headaches.  A study surveying 143,000 people in the United States found that chronic daily headaches are much more prevalent in overweight people.  Another study has shown that an excess of fat in the neck can cause pressure on the respiratory tract, which causes snoring.

Arthritis and varicose veins – An excess of fat in the body puts more pressure on the hip joints.  This can cause accelerated wear and tear on the joints as well as inflammation.  The United Kingdom Arthritis Research Society has indicated that many overweight people suffer from bad posture, an unhealthy gait in walking, and an increased risk of osteoarthritis.  Organs surrounded by fat are also at risk of developing varicose veins.

Foot and heel pain – Obesity can cause foot pain.  A Harvard Medical School study has found that an overweight body increases pressure on foot muscle membranes/ligaments.  This can also lead to inflammation and severe pain when walking.

Arthritis – Research data indicates that in regards to load-bearing joints such as the knees and ankles, obesity is the greatest cause of osteoarthritis.  Overweight people risk suffering from arthritic knee problems at a rate of 14 times more than those of average weight.  For each additional pound, running or jumping can cause an increase of ten times the pressure on joints.

 Uric Acid:

It is one of the final results of metabolism and is discharged by the kidneys.  If there is a buildup of too much uric acid or an impediment in its discharge it can end up settling in the soft tissue and joints of the body.  This can lead to swelling, inflammation, pain in the joints, etc.  In order to adjust the amount of uric acid in the body, one should be sure to drink plenty of water, lessen alcohol intake, and avoid consuming excess amounts of fat and protein.  The uric acid content in the blood of overweight people can be significantly higher than those of average weight.  Weight loss methods can be used to adjust this, but one must be careful not to lose weight too fast as when fat breaks down the excretion of uric acid also increases.  Losing two pounds per month is sufficient.  One can also decrease their intake of purine in order to lower uric acid.

 Lactic Acid:
Exercising for an extended period of time produces lactic acid.  Lactic acid and distilled glucose acid accumulation in the body can lead to heightened acidity in the blood.  After an accumulation of lactic acid the body becomes fatigued with lower back discomfort, and clumsiness in movement.  In order to eliminate this fatigue, one can do some simple light jogging after exercising, massaging and stretching, and can also drink some vinegar or semi-acidic drinks.  This can help to inhibit the production of lactic acid.  In regards to people who are in a constant rush, drinking 30 to 40 milliliters of vinegar a day, glutinous rice, or fruit smoothies can help in regulation of lactic acid.

Water Toxicity/Poisoning and Blood Stasis/Stagnation:

Water toxicity occurs when fluids are not evenly distributed throughout the body and can cause metabolic disorders.  It can give rise to pathological seeping and secretion, etc.  It can also cause abnormal sweating, urination, and edema.  Blood stasis is old, spoiled, dirty blood.  It occurs when qi, blood, and water do not flow and is a product of poor circulation.  It can bring about an insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, lower back pain, a lowering of overall body temperature and a feeling of cold. 
 Examples of external toxins: Air pollution, pesticide residue in vegetables, car exhaust, industrial waste gases, chemical drugs, preservatives in food, heavy metals in cosmetics, junk foods, and microorganisms.

Toxins within the body: Metabolic waste products, intestinal stagnation, glycolipids, etc.

Studies have shown that small amounts of toxins can be discharged through defecation while the rest can end up accumulating in the blood.  Accordingly depending on the discharge of toxins solely through defecation is insufficient.  Some health care experts believe that people who cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle have large amounts of hazardous material build up in their bodies as a result.

There are different types of toxins contained in different parts of the human body, including blood, lymph, skin and each set of cells.

When one’s body is healthy, the presence of toxins goes unfelt.  That is because the body is normally relatively robust and able to resist sickness and viruses.  Great importance must be attached to being aware of the presence of toxins within the body and actively expelling them.

Sources of Toxins in Humans

Food and drink: Mixing of different types of food, overeating and excessive drinking, unregulated diet and consumption of junk food, pesticides in food, preservatives and food additives, bacterial contamination of food, etc.

Destructive lifestyle and habits: Cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine intake, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Intestinal stagnation: Stagnation and accumulation of excrement in the intestines; bad odor, dark green and very hard stool

Metabolism:  Metabolic breakdown of protein and fat

Three lifestyle-related reasons it is difficult to expel toxins from the body

Food and drink: Poorly-regulated eating and excessive drinking (protein, excessive fat, insufficient fruits and vegetables)

An unhealthy mentality and vitality:  This can be caused by work-related stress. Events that cause stress and/or trauma often times cannot be quickly resolved and can have a detrimental effect on the mind as well as the body’s ability to function and expel poisons

How Much Toxic Substance is in the Human Body

According to theories of chronic toxins in the human body, health and internal body cleansing experts assert that anyone who indulges in food and drink and does not regularly expel waste will have large amounts of toxins within their body.  Generally an adult body will have between 3 and 25 kilograms of waste accumulated in their body.  A German surgeon examining the organs of 280 deceased bodies discovered the intestinal walls of 240 of the bodies were silted with hard, stone-like excrement.  A British doctor examining the large intestine of one body extracted 10 kilograms of old waste which had hardened inside.

The Limited Ability of the Body to Eliminate Toxins

The body has five main organs and systems for eliminating toxins – the intestines, the liver and gallbladder, the lymphatic system, the kidneys, and the skin.  These organs and systems work to maintain balance and harmony within the body.  Excessive amounts of toxins can cause an overload in the organs’ operation.  Therefore the body’s ability to detoxify becomes greatly weakened and one is then reliant on external assistance in order to rid the body of toxins.

Injury to the Body Caused by Toxins
Effect on circulation – If toxins cannot be eliminated from the body in a timely manner, they are reabsorbed into the body and lead to a multitude of illnesses and disease.  Once toxins are in the body, this can hinder circulation and cause stagnation.  This can also bring about blood coagulation which can be seen in a darkened or blotchy complexion, a purplish coloring of the lips, etc.  Under the presence of these toxins less serious problems are an overall lack of energy, shortness of breath, etc.  More serious problems are hardening of the veins (vascular sclerosis), high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis (blood clots), and other heart and cerebral vascular problems.

Effect on a balanced metabolism – Large amounts of toxins remaining in the body unable to be eliminated may lead to an imbalance in the body’s energy metabolism and overheating.  Overheating can produce ‘fire’ (Chinese medical theory) and a decrease in the production of yin energy.  This can be seen in people who have itchy skin, dryness, dry and hard excrement, facial acne, etc.

Effect on internal organs – When toxins exist in the body they can damage the functionality of the internal organs.  The kidneys aid in regulating and adjusting the entire body’s yin-yang balance.  Once toxins are in the kidneys they can cause kidney deficiencies that lead to a yin-yang imbalance within the body.  If there is a deficiency in yin this will give rise to fire – causing dry skin, itchiness, constipation, dry mouth, etc.  If there is a deficiency in yang this will give rise to cold – causing a dark complexion, a coldness of the limbs, diarrhea, etc.

Effect on mental state – A proverb says “All diseases are brought about by toxins.  Regardless of which toxins, regardless of where they are from, they harm the body.”  The modern medical view is that some toxins effect the central nervous system and endocrine system; they affect people’s mental states, lead to insomnia, mental disorders, muddle-headedness, and can also lead to emotional instability, feelings of indifference, depression, worry, anxiety, etc

Effect on appearance – Age and the facial pigment can affect one’s appearance.  Toxins within the body are a major factor contributing to skin problems.  Different toxins can affect the thalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, etc. – leading to an increased production of cortical hormones.  This can cause age spots, an over-all aged look to the skin, etc.

Accelerated aging – According to Chinese medicine the causes of human aging can be attributed to an imbalance in blood qi, yin and yang, the internal organs, etc.  People’s ability to regulate yin-yang balance and internal organ function decreases with age.  Being subject to the harmful influence of external and internal toxins can accelerate the aging process; also affecting the absorption of nutrients, elimination of toxins, damaging the internal organs, and causing an overall gradual decline in function which can lead to aging.

Some Characteristics of Toxins Arising in the Body

Do you often suffer from headaches, struggle with concentration, and/or have indeterminate discomfort in your body?
Do you often feel lower back pain, discomfort in your limbs, and/or exhaustion?   
Do you often have trouble sleeping, stopping rampant thinking, wake up feeling muddleheaded and tired?
Do you have a bad temper, become easily excited, have halitosis (bad breath), mouth ulcers, and often feel lightheaded?
Does your face often have spots on it and seem empty of life?
Do you often have constipation and feel there is no way to remedy it?
Does your skin feel itchy after using a computer, microwave, stove, etc.?
Do you often suffer from allergies?
Do you often have acne, rashes, or itchy skin?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you must be careful. Toxins have already entered into your blood and can have negative effects on your health.

What is Detox?

Detox in traditional Chinese medicine is a method for opening up the body’s different channels in order to discharge toxins.  Most of the toxins in the human body are produced by its own metabolism giving rise to many different kinds of unnecessary waste materials.  The digestive tract is the body’s main absorption and discharge conduit – it is an important part of the body for detoxification.  While the intestines are an important part of detox, intestinal detox cannot be regarded as a complete system as it is only one part of the body that is affected by toxins.   The body generally gets rid of toxins through defecation, urination, sweating, etc.  In order to promote health in the 5 zang organs (kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, and spleen) and the blood qi one must maintain proper health and a balanced metabolism.

The Five Most Widespread Methods of Modern Detox

 Detox via defecation:
 When mentioning detoxification, most people will immediately think of defecation.  Defecation is one of the most important methods of detoxification for the body, but it is not the sole method.  The main purpose of defecation is to rid the body of waste build up and stagnation in the intestines.
Most products for detox are mainly aimed at detoxifying the stomach and intestines – their main purpose is to facilitate defecation.  As a result most consumers believe toxins appear in the form of bowel obstruction.  However, this method only addresses one necessary part of a complete detox.  One of the primary ingredients in many these products is rhubarb.  Eating rhubarb can sometimes have side effects such as abdominal pain, mild nausea, etc.  In addition, if one depends on this type of product for detoxification, over time it may have an adverse effect on the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, can bring about anemia, inhibit the immunity system and can have other undesirable consequences.

If toxins are concealed within the upper body, sweating should be the preferred method for expelling them.  If toxins have invaded the blood, detoxification through defecation is useless.

Chinese medicine generally views humans as being separated in 4 main different bodily constitution types.  From a Chinese medical perspective detox should focus more on ‘supplementation’ than ‘purging’.  For those with weak circulation of qi and blood, purging is absolutely not the method they should use.  On the contrary, they should be using methods of supplementation and nourishment. So one can say that most current products for detox can be used for only a portion of the population.

 Lymphatic detoxification method:

This method of detoxification uses massage in order to stimulate the meridians within the body.  In addition to the arteries and veins, the lymphatic system is one of the main circulatory systems.  Exercise is the best method for promoting lymphatic detox.  Some examples of beneficial exercise are practicing taijiquan, qi gong, jogging, swimming, etc.

 Enema detox methods: This method uses a special instrument to cleanse the intestines.  It cleanses the intestines of various decayed matter and parasites.  However, this does not mean that no other disease will invade. If this method is used too often, the large intestine will become reliant on it for defecation.  Over-reliance on this method can also be detrimental to the normal functioning of bacteria within the intestines and can create new health risks.

Exercise and body warming as detox:
Exercise and warming of the body (via saunas, etc.) is another method of detox.  While this method can be helpful in detoxifying the body and promoting health, similar to the other methods mentioned, it is also incomplete.  The reason it is incomplete is because it relies on the discharge of toxins via sweating and does not provide replenishment of the energy depleted as a result.  This system is especially difficult for older people who are incapable of exercising for extended periods of time.

Fasting method of detox: Fasting refers to the halting of food intake, allowing for the intake of only moderate amounts of water, vegetable juice and fruit juice in order to treat illness, improve the physique and promote health.

During fasting, one closes off the entrance for toxins to enter the body.  Another aspect is that the movement of the intestines is also significantly reduced.  Simple vibration and friction of the intestinal walls can then cause accumulated and stagnant excrement to fall off and in turn be excreted.  Using the fasting method can aid in the removal and discharge of old bacteria, sickness and other waste, and therefore improve bodily health. 
Modern medical research has confirmed that fasting can cause the autonomic nervous system, endocrine and immune systems to suffer intense shock.   After readjustment to normal stability the body has a rise in constitutional health and its ability to handle sicknesses. Then through the readjustment of the body to new conditions, improvements in constitution and immunity are felt.

Medical experts have indicated that in the bodies of both humans and animals there exist moving phagocytes (cells that ingest and destroy foreign matter) and fixed phagocytes.  These two types of cells are very important as they eradicate pathogenic bacteria within the body.  Fasting can help strengthen phagocytes up to ten times their normal capacity.  This can be beneficial in eradicating diseases within the body.  Scholars believe that therapeutic fasting has had a good effect on those suffering from various diseases and illnesses such as cardiac neurosis, early stages of high blood pressure, chronic gastritis, obesity, amnesia, etc.  In medical terms fasting is similar to Chinese tuina massage, acupuncture and moxibustion, diet therapy, qi gong, guasha (scraping – a type of Chinese therapy), and other types of natural therapeutic treatments.  This form of therapy does not rely on doctors or medicine, but on the body’s intrinsic strength to achieve good results.

After fasting many people have lost weight, lessening of symptoms of constipation, lowering of lipids in the blood, and achieved other goals of the “detox diet”.  However, not eating for extended periods of time leaves the body lacking in energy and protein, and over time can lead to a withering of the internal organs - similar to a fruit going uneaten for too long.  In addition the various endocrine glands suffer from various degrees of atrophy and dysfunction.

From the above information we can conclude that toxins are the primary cause of modern people’s bodily weaknesses, so the greatest method of preventing subsequent sickness and prolonging life is to rid oneself of toxins.  Detox products are prevalent everywhere in modern society, but they are not sufficient in their results.  We can see this through the example of a detox practice in India.  In this practice, the practitioner ingests a type of medicine and then uses their hand to induce vomiting.  After using this method for an extended period of time it can cause damage and infection in the esophagus and throat.  The gains do not make up for the losses.

This method cannot thoroughly cleanse the intestines. The reason for this is because our stomach’s peristalsis (wave movement of the walls) is strong and after one night of not eating the stomach is empty and is unnecessary to cleanse.  And because people eat without regards to health or moderation, the body cannot keep up with excretion.  As a result, metabolic byproducts can stagnate and be absorbed into the body as toxins.  Therefore some people will take diuretics in order to facilitate intestinal detox.  Using this method after some time will cause a leeching and expelling of vitality and energy from the body, leaving one dispirited and listless.  It can also cause a decline in sexual desire that can have a serious effect on one’s life.  In fact upon closer investigation it is easy to see that most weight loss and detox consumer products rely primarily on this method of “discharge” that brings with it numerous severe side effects.  The idea of a perfect system for detox has become near impossible to find.

The Daoist Method of Detoxification

Alongside Daoist practices such as neidan (internal alchemy), qi gong, and taiji,  handmade herbal medicine balls, health nourishing tea, etc. can definitely help with the problems mentioned above.  This is a unique system to Daoist practice that is referred to as The Qi Supplementing Method of Detoxification.  It is a method that has been used by Daoist practitioners for countless years with the main focus being nourishing the body’s vital energy and enhancing the health of circulation with the result being a more robust body and mentality, also resulting in a thorough removal of the different toxins within the body.

Weakness and fatigue are caused by a deficit in the body’s qi that leads to weakness and deficiency in the organs.  The five organs, five energies, and the five elements have both productive and destructive cycles and effects on one another.  When one organ is weakened, it can then lead to the weakening of the other organs, creating a vicious cycle in the body and causing a gradual decline in overall health.  Qi is the energy behind all bodily functions – from this it can be deduced that nourishing and cultivating the qi of the five organs is the proper course of detoxification to take.  It is an amazing method of practice that Daoists have used for successive generations.

   Daoism has always had great methods to meet the needs that arise in society.  In Daoist canons it is written: “The Great Dao of heaven is for the benefit of all, the Great Virtue of earth is for the benefit of all with much to share, harmony and balance is for all to share and be nourished by”.  We are willing to share the great knowledge and wisdom .  We plan to open our invitations to all interested in taking part in a month of health cultivation with us.

 Organization of this programe :registration,avenue,schedule and faculty.
The course will begin  on April  8th, 2015 and conclude on April 15th , 2015.
This program will include an introductory lecture, one week of Daoist neidan sitting (loosely translated as ‘meditation’) and both standing and sitting qi gong. Prior to the beginning of the course we will prepare herbal medicine by hand tailored specifically to the health needs of each individual student.  That is our hope through this course to strengthen the health of all those who take part and provide them with the means to both understand and balance their bodies and minds.

During the week of neidan and qi gong practice students will fast in the traditional Daoist manner, which includes eating herbal medicine balls and drinking herbal medicine tea as prescribed by wudang taoists in order to nourish the qi of the different organs, promote circulation, center focus, etc.  During this time students will not eat any food and be engaged in only minor qi gong movement complementary to their practice

Travel Arrangements

It is  required that all students taking part in the course arrive at the academy no  later than April  8th, 2015. Students  interested in staying for longer are welcomed. Students must organize their own travel in  coming to the academy.  Pick up can be  arranged from the Shiyan, Wudang, and Xiangfan train stations as well as the  Xiangfan and Wuhan airports.  Please be  sure to notify us  of travel plans as soon as possible.
Upon arrival at the  academy, students are welcome to organize their belongings in their rooms and  familiarize themselves with each other, the academy, etc.  Since our school is on the mountain near Nanyan temple if you want to travel aroud the temples or visit the temples around the mountain please arrive at Wudangshan near April 1st to leave enough time for yourself.    Click to see more travel information


1. Registration for the course closes on June 1st, 2015.
       a. Students between the ages of 16 and 65 are welcome to join.

       b. Any allergies or health complications students have should be communicated to us prior to registration.  All students are required to submit a medical certificate comprised of the following information to be given to us one month prior to arrival: blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, Regrettably we cannot accept any students with mental illnesses to insure a minimum of in-class disturbances.All intestinal parasites must be thoroughly cleared prior to attending.

According to each student’s health needs as assessed by us, they will be provided with herbal medicine balls, health nourishing tea, etc.

2. All students are required to sign a contract upon registration.                

       a. No refunds for any circumstances
       b. Break rules, expulsion


The cost of the week- long course is $1450 USD.
     a. Payment includes all teaching, herbal medicine, room, and meals.  Any outside expenses must be covered by students.
     b. Payment for the course can be wire transferred to our bank account.  All payment must be paid one month prior to arrival.  Please notify us when you have transferred payment.

Rules and regulations
     a. Talking is not allowed during class.
     b. Mobile phones and electronics of any kind are not allowed in class.
     c. No food is allowed in the meditation room.
     d. Students are expected to keep quiet during this program and not engage in excessive talking outside of class.
     e. All students are required to follow the rules and regulations.  Failure to do so will result in unconditional expulsion.

Course Schedule

 The class structure  and content may not strictly follow the schedule below.   Please note that the following schedule is  subject to change:
        6:00 AM –  Wake up
        6:30 AM – Qi  gong practice
        8:30 AM –  Meditation and qi gong practice      
        3:00 PM –  Meditation and or qi gong practice and light exercises
        7:00 PM -  Meditation





pleasant room with modern facilities on the mountain


Meals--chinese round table,A La Carte(apart from fasting)



Master Zeng--84 years old. He will be our fasting instructor and taoist medicine councilor.





Master Yao ,from wudang Songxi pai will be our detoxification instructor. He knows how to clear our body through

meditation,qigong,stakes and light movements.

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