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Chinese Martial Arts Summer Camp in 2015

2012/12/23 16:17:50


Designed for-Martial arts teachers or individuals worldwide who interested in coming to China for intensive martial arts study, training and cultural experiences

Aims to-Improve students' levels and knowledge of Chinese martial arts through intensive training and study

Training & Visiting Places:

1.Two  days in Beijing travelling around.
2.One week in Shaolin Temple, Henan
3.Three days  in Chen Tai Chi Village, Henan
4.One week in Wudang Mountain, Hubei
5.Three days  in Xi'an ,Sanxi province.
6.Four days  in Mount Emei,Sichuan
7.Two days in Tibet
Return to Beijing and get back.

Available Camp Dates:

1st July - 1st August 2015
15th July -- 15th August 2015 
1st August -1st September 2015

Camp Fees:
USD $1,6130 Shared Room /  1,9350 USD  Single Room

Camp Features

Training with top masters, teachers and professors in all types of Chinese martial arts
Visiting world famous historical & cultural attractions in China
Taking part in Chinese culture & arts workshops
Participating in local and social in Beijing
Qigong Healing,Traditional Chinese Medicine curing,traditional Chinese culture studying

Camp in Brief

Study and train Chinese martial arts including Wushu, Qigong, Taiji quan (Taichi), Sanshou (Sanda), Traditional Kung Fu, Shaolin styles and Wudang styles in the land of their origins, under the guidance of famous Chinese masters both young and old. Our martial arts workshops encompass traditional and contemporary styles as well as external and internal forms (suitable for students of all levels).

The Summer Camp training sessions will take place at four well-known martial arts centres: Shaolin Temple, Chen Tai Chi Village , Wudang Mountain and Mount Emei. Students participating in the Summer Camp also have the chance to explore the Chinese landscape and its ancient culture with extension trips to the majestic Wudang Mountain or the legendary Terracotta Warriors. Students can see many of China's famous landmarks including Beijing's Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Besides taking in the sights students can also enjoy social activities such as a night at the Peking Opera, sampling tea in a Chinese teahouse, making Chinese dumplings and watching the world-famous Chinese acrobatics show.
Teachers & Instructors

The Wushu and Kung Fu masters and instructors are all famous traditonal ones who have been training for over 10 years.Senior Taoist masters,TCM doctors,Buddhist monks etc

Certificates of Study

All participants will be given a prestigious certificate for their Shaolin Kung Fu training, Tai Chi training in Chen Village in Henan ,Wudang Kung Fu training at Wudang Mountain and kungfu trainging in Mount Emei.

Study & Training Materials

All textbooks, handouts, training uniforms, shoes and weapons for the program will be provided free of charge .

1) Shaolin Temple (Training & Activities)

Participants have the chance to study Shaolin Kung Fu with the renowned Kung Fu masters for a week at the temple. There are two groups to choose from, an External group which focuses on hard Kung Fu training, and an Internal group who will learn Buddhism Chi Gong and Meditation.  The form will be Dahong Quan.

2) Chen Village (Training & Activities)

Participants visit Chen Jia Gou (Chen village), where Chen-style Tai Chi originated. Students have the chance to learn Chen-style Tai Chi here with famous masters, such as Chen-style Tai Chi forms and applications. Students also have the chance to enjoy local sightseeing and cultural activities.

3) Wudang Mountain (Training & Activities)

Students can have an intensive training experience with respected Taoist Kung Fu priests at the famous Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province. Wudang Mountain is where Taoism, traditional Chinese philosophy and religion all began. The Wudang mountain range is a stunning sight, each peak soaring above the surrounding patchwork of green rice paddies and scattered villages. Here students have the opportunity to learn Wudang Taiyi Sword, Wudang Bagua, Wudang Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu. The teaching form will be Taiji 18. Taoist culture materials like Dao de jing,I-ching and taoist medicines will also be taught.

4)Mount Emei

Students can have the chance to study traditional Emei kungfu with traditional masters and travel around Mount Emei.


Our staff will meet you at Beijing International Capital Airport and will be holding a sign to identify them. We will take you back to the airport once the trip finished.

A private transportation will be provided during your sightseeing programs in Beijing for safe and pleasant transport to and from the hotels  to everywhere your activities take place, such the historical sites, training places, downtown Beijing and the train station.

After the travelling activities in Beijing,we will provide private transportation from the  hotel you stay to the train station, where you will have a soft sleeper (first-class) ticket to your chosen training location. There will be an English-speaking staff to accompany and serve during the whole journey.

Services Inclusions:

1. Admission fees: to sightseeing spots & activities specified;
2. Meals: a La Carte
3. Tour guides: excellent private English-speaking guide.
4. Accommodations: hotels based on double/single occupancy as specified;
5. Softsleeper Training Tickets

6. Kungfu Training at Shaolin Temple,,Chen Village,Wudang Mountain and Mount Emei.

  Services Exclusions:

1. International transportation: including flights to/from China;
2. China visa fees;
3. Gratuities to guides & drivers and any expense of personal nature.

Travel,Room and Training in each location:

1.Travel Highlights in Beijing (2 days)

The great wall


The summer palace

The Forbidden City




Peking Duck


Beijing Hutong life

2. Training and Travelling in Shaolin Temple (7 days)---Dahong quan

Shaolin Temple


Pagoda Forests


room with shower,tv,AC and internet


Training within shaolin temple


indoor multiple-fuction gym


Shaolin Zen Retreat Meditation


training Dahong quan


IShaolin Zen Music Ritual

3. Training in Chenjiagou (3 days for a chen-style taiji)



chenjiagou taiji kungfu school



Training taiji sword

4. Travel and training at Wudang Mountain--Wudang Daoyuan Internal kungfu Academy at Nanyan Temple(7 days for taiji 18)

Wudang Mountain--Golden Peak

Wudang Mountain--sunrise


Founder of wudang taiji--Zhang Sanfeng


Picking up Wudang Taoist Organic Tea

Training Taiji at Xiaoyao Valley

Training Qigong at Purple Cloud Temple


Training Taiji in front of Purple Cloud Temple


Training Wudang Xingyi Quan in the deep Forests


Watch the taoist morning and evening class,rituals


3-star hotel on the Mountain with tranquile environment

5.Travel Around Xi'an(3 Days)

Terra Cotta Warriors--Ancient army matrix Of Qin Dynasty

The City Wall

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Famen Temple--Bone of Shakya Mani


Mount Hua


Mount Hua


Mount Hua


Mount Hua


6.Travel and Training at Mount Emei(4 Days)




Wannian Temple


Emei Kungfu Training

7.Travel In the world roof---Tibet(2 days)


Potala Temple


feel the mysterious Tibetan religion


sunset near the Holly Lake


special Tibetan foods

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