Overseas Tour Teaching

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In 2015 we will travel to different countries and cities to teach Wudang Songxi forms and let more kungfu lovers get to know this mysterious and old school experiencing special songxi forms. If you have interest please contact us for reservation.


2.Teaching Contents

Traditional Wudang Songxi Forms

 Songxi Taiji  Songxi Xiaohua(small flower) Sword(Video)
 Songxi Baihong (white rainbow) Sword(Video)  Songxi pigeon Form
 Songxi Guangming(bright) Form(Video)  Songxi short Club(Video)
 Songxi Wenjin(ask for the way) Form (Video)  Songxi Bagua Sword
 Songxi snake-style Sword(Video)  (Teaching Video)  (Video)  Songxi Yexing (night walking) Saber(Video)
Traditional Baji Form  Songxi Bagua Palm
 Songxi Six-step Form(Video)  Songxi Zhichi(one inch) Form
 Songxi Long-braid Sword  Songxi double hook and sword
 Songxi Tigertail Whip  Songxi Drunken Sword
 Songxi Spade  Songxi Rope Dart
 Songxi Swallow Form(Video)  Songxi Fuchen(Video)
 Songxi Yanchi(Goose Wing) Form(Video)  Songxi Duan Da (short distance Basics) Video
 Songxi Methods of Qinna,Wrestling and Tumbling (Video)  

3.Calendar and Travel itineray

 Time  Tour Teaching Itinerary

 March 1st,2015-April 1st



 May 1st--June 1st,2015

Germany---Czech Republic---Austria---Italy---France---London


 July 1st to August 1st,2015



 September 1st---October 1st

America:Los Angeles---Sanfansisco---Chicargo---New York


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