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Qiu Chuji


Qiu Chuji was a Quanzhen Taoist, the most famous of Wang Chongyang's seven disciples, or Seven Immortals. He was also the founder of the Dragon Gate Taoism.

Qiu Chuji (1148 – 1227)
Qiu Chuji (1148 – 1227)

A fictionalized version of the historical figure appears in Jinyong's Condor Trilogy. In it, Qiu is an expert practitioner of martial arts. He is not a very good Daoist in the strictly religious sense of the term as he does not abide by the laissez-faire precepts of Daoism for which he has been repeatedly berated by his senior Ma Yu. Qiu Chuji involved himself in matters of society extensively, assassinating corrupt officials, collaborators and traitors.

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