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Experience the Taoist life in Temple for 30 days

2015/7/1 16:14:34


    Wudang Mountain is the holy land for Chinese Taoism and Purple Cloud Temple is the key area of Wudang Taoism.For quite a long time many people are curious about the daily life of the Taoists.What is the schedule of them,what do they usually do,what do they usually eat,what do they study,why do they enjoy the longebity.....

    Nowadays few tourists or Taoism believers are allowed to stay in the temple for short period of time to experience the Taoist life,study Taoism,nourish their heart and make clear of their spirit and mind.

    Briefly speaking,their daily life consists of morning class,Taiji practice,musical instruments studying,evening class in the temple hall presenting incense ,chanting the classics and paying homage to God Zhenwu,Taoist vegetarian foods,chores within the temple as cleaning,cooking,taking care of the senior Taoists,receiving the pilgrimage,selling admission tickets etc,sitting meditation,inner alchemy,self-confessing and Taoist classics chanting before sleep,strike the watchman's clapper to remind time and prevent fire,protect the cultural relics ,picking-up and make the herbs,elixir refining ...... if you have the interest to experience you can email or call us for more information.

Burning the incense in the temple

practising calligraphy

cooking taois foods

Cooking food

Taoist food

Taoist food:it seems like meat but not

Taoist food

Taoist food

Taoist food



learning music


Paying homage to Zhenwu god and striking the bell

presenting incense in the main hall

sitting meditation,classics chanting,self-confession before sleep

Taiji training

Taoist ceremonies

Taoist tea

Hermit on Wudang Mountains

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