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  Travel Information

  Wudangshan is at Shiyan City,Hubei Province,China. Wudangshan train station is 8 km away from Wudangshan scenic area while Shiyan train station is 30 km away. You can take 202 bus from Shiyan train station priced at 4 yuan and 203 bus from Wudangshan train station priced at 2 yuan to the gate of Wudangshan. The taxi can cost 50 and 120 yuan respectively.Besides the nearest airport is Wudangshan airport and Xiangyang airport.

  The most convenient cities to Wudangshan include Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Wuhan,Xi'an. Before you settle off you can communicate with us so we can offer you more travel information and tailor individual itineraties.Picking-up service is always available and we have English-speaking staff. Many international students or tourists come to Wudangshan from Xi'an where the Terra Cotta Warriors are world famous and there are commuting buses between as 8:00--14:00 and 16:00--21:30 from Wudangshan to Xi'an with the bus station right near the Mountain gate close to our school. On the contrary there are buses from Xi'an to Wudangshan at 08:00 and 13:00 respectively everyday and the bus station is called Sanfengwan(三府湾)bus station.The ticket is 159 CNY.

  Flight Information of Wudangshan Airport

Wudangshan Airport but the two characters read Shiyan

Arrival flights to Wudangshan Airport

Departure flights from Wudangshan Airport

After you arrive at the airport you can take the 2nd Bus Line directly to Wudangshan mountain gate priced at 15 CNY taking 30 minutes through the highway or you can contact us for picking-up service.

  Travel Directions from Beijing to Wudangshan


  1.Arrive at Beijing International Airport ( 到达首都机场)

  2. 首都机场巴士始发站均为二号航站楼一层15号门

  Please go to No. 2 Aerodrome Air port Building, ground floor where you  can find the Airport Limousine  bus No.3 heading Gong Chu Fen (destination)

  There you can buy a ticket at the price of CNY  16, and please tell them you want to go to Gong Chu Fen (公主坟) 。Gong Chu Fen is the destination of Airport Limousine bus N o.3 and there all passengers have to get off.

  3. About 30 – 40 minutes later you can arrive at Gong Chu Fen ( 公主坟)

  4.Please get off from Gong Chu Fen ( 公主坟) and take a taxi, five minutes you can reach Beijing Western Train Station (北京西客站) 。  Please show the chinese name to th e taxi drive. Mostly you need to spend CNY 10 – CNY 14.

  5. In Beijing Western Train Station (北京西客站) there are lot of direction board with English. So, you can easily find the Ticket Office (售票厅) where you can line  up to buy the ticket  (K279, destination: Wudang Shan).  Then show the following messgae  to the ticket selling staff:

  I want to buy a ticket (train number K279) heading  Wudang Shan, both sleeping ticket and first class are ok, leaving today.

  ( 我要买今天K279到武当山硬卧一张,软卧也行) 。

  If there is no ticket available,  please show the following message:

  I want to buy a ticket (train number K279) heading  Wudang Shan, both sleeping ticket and first class are ok, leaving tomorrow.

  ( 我要买明天K279到武当山硬卧一张,软卧也行) 。

  Please call us (0)-155 4999 1800  if there is no ticket at all.

  You have to find a hotel closeby a nd stay overnight if you cannot get a  ticket the same day. There are lots of hotel and you can find a one.

  6. When you get a ticket please line up to go in to waiting room ( 候车室). At the entrance you have put all your luggage into a machine to check. After that please go in and take  the auto elevator to the second floor where you can find a big electronic Bulletin Board.The electronic Bulletin Board gives list of train numbers corresponding to the number of respective waiting hall. So, please find the waiting hall number corresponding to K279 (mos t of time it is number 7, meaning No. 7 waiting hall). Then checking the direction board you can reach the waiting hall where you have to line up to check in. Please  find the small electronic bulletin  board where shows the train number K279 and wait in that line. Attention please: 40 minutes  in advance the checking-in begins.

  After checking-in you will go downstairs  and reach the station platform ( 站台) .

  7.Please show your ticket to the Train Attendant waiting beside the door of each carriage and go to your carriage (you can find the carriage nu mber on the train ticket). Then yo u go inside the carriage

  8. Then go into the cabinet and you can find your  berth (number on the ticket)The Train Attendant may go to collect your ticket and  give you a plate instead.  When it is the time for you to get off Train Attendant would go to you to exchange  the plate with your ticket and tell you to prepare to get off. Showing the following message to the Tr ain Attendant can help you get off when the train arrives destination:

  I want to get off from Wudang Shan Train Station. Please inform me when time comes due. Many thanks!


  To other occupants in the same cabin at you can show the following message:

  I am a foreigners, I love Chinese people and want to tour Wudang. Forgive me if I make a mistake!


  Please go out of the exit of Wudang  Shan train station and our person  is holding up a paper (bearing your name) waiting for you from Wudang Shan train station. If there is anything wrong please call us at

  (0)-155 4999 1800  Mobile:(0086)155 4999 1800  

Address:Wudang Mountain,Shiyan,China.   Email: