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European Study Tour Group


    Between March 30th and April 5th a Study Tour group from Europe came to Wudang Mountains and studied Bagua Palm with our patient and excellent master as well as Taoist healthpreserving Qigong. With six hours per day they successfully combined the intense training,Taoist culture exploration,sightseeing,pilgrimage and healthpreserving together.Within 5 days they finished one form of Qigong and the first palm of Bagua Zhang.

    It is warm in spring on the mountains with fogs and mild rains occasionally, which makes the retreat rather unforgettable,tranquil and mysterious.

living area of Taoists within Purple Cloud Temple

Purple Cloud Temple

Purple Cloud Temple

Senior female Taoist in Purple Cloud Temple

Misty fog near Nanyan Temple

Misty fog near Nanyan Temple

Mysterious Wudang Mountains in the morning

Our dishes

Watching Taiji performances at Carefree Valley

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