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Qingfengzi ,(He is just the Honorary and sometimes part-time master of our school )With a genuine background with in Taiji Quan his skills and understanding are different from other students. He worked close to Master You Xuande and helped him write down ideas about Martial Arts and Daoism. Qingfengzi is now  a linage holder of the Wudang Xuan Wu Pai.

As the 16TH  successor of Wudang Xuanwu Pai ,he is outstanding for Wudang Taichi ,Xing Yi,Bagua,Wudang Sword and other esotertic weapons of Wudang Kung Fu,especially extraordinary with respect to Wudang Internal esoteric acquistions,Standing on 2 fingers( Wuxing Neigong).There existed a prolonged tradition in Wudang that Wudang Kung Fu is esoteric and it is rigid to admit new disciples.But since Qingfengzi is modest ,hardworking and persistent he finally got admitted through a long course of testiment.He is fond of Wudang Kung Fu and Wudang Taoist culture.Qingfengzi pays less attention to wealth and personal fame but self cuoltivation and good virture.In 2001 he went to Xinjiang on a Kung Fu show during which he paied a visit to a primary school.Seeiing the primary students are studying in an extremely poor condition lack of basic educational infrastrucures he donated 100 000RMB to that school although he himself is money-strapped at that time.

Born in Yichang,Hubei Province Qingfengzi started to learn martial arts at an early age.At the age of 5 he was taught with martial basics by a famous folk boxer.But he mostly appreciated Wudang Mountain which is a holy taoist mountain so he is keen on learning Kung Fu in Wudang Mountain.

Master Qingfengzi has almost 17 years of experience of Wudang Martial Arts and have a system of teaching that is different from other schools on the mountain. He teaches the foundations of the style and focus on Basics, Qi Gong,Bagua,sword,weapons and Applications. His long time students has won many competitions and gained high skills in Wudang Wushu. His main skill is his ability to bring out good quality of the training and the students and teach the essence of Wudang Internal Martial Arts.  

In September ,1999 ,the bodyguard of Wuyi, former Prime Minister of People's Republic of China.

In 2000,gold medal at the First International  Exchange Championship of Wudang Boxing .

In 2000 , champion at the Shiyan Aquatic Wushu Competition.

In 2001 ,the main role in I Love My Homeland released by CCTV.

In 2001 ,gold medal at the Internation Exchange Copetition of Wudang Boxing at the level of 52KG.

In 2002 , a role in Walking Around the World released by CCTV.

In 2002 , a role in Talking about Yantze River released by CCTV.

In 2002 , attended the Exchange performance which covers Wudang,Shaolin and Emei Pai

In 2003  gave performance on the voyage to south China organized  by Provincial Tourist Bureau.

In 2003 , kung fu performance in Japan and Korea.

In 2004 ,  gold medal  for Er Zhi Xuan Gong(Standing on 2 fingers)  at the Tourist Expo of Central China

 In 2007 ,gold medal for Tai Yi Wu Xing Boxing at the Wushu Competition of CCTV which is a very famous and national wushu programe in China.

In 2007 , titled as the best global Wushu personnel in the programe of  Global Kung Fu Star .

 In November ,2008 , 4 gold medals in the Third International Traditional Martial Arts Festival.

In October 18,2010 during the 4th World Traditional Wushu Championship,titled as the Crown of World Taijiquan .Meanwhile at this time he joined Chen Family Troupe as membership ,which is a film performance group of Jacky Chen.

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