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Taoist Fasting-traditional way of keeping healthy

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Taoist Fasting

Taoist Fasting or Bigu in Chinese,originally means stopping eating the five cereals, which is a very popular healthpreserving method. Bigu can be dated back to the pre-Qin dynasty, got popular in Tang dynasty and still takes an influential place in the cultivation road of Taoist hermits and daily life of modern people.

Bigu also called cutting off or giving up the five cereals and Bi means stop while means the five cereals, exactly means staple foods like crops, wheat and rice as well as meat etc. The earliest record about Taoist Fasting can be found in the book of Carefree Journey written by Zhuangzi: On Gushe Mountain lives an immortality whose muscles and flesh looks as white as icy snow and whose spirit is extremely peaceful. He never intakes food but wind and dews. He rides along the clouds and flies with the flowing dragon carefreely……Taoist Fasting enjoying historical fame was recorded in many classics.

As says in Yi Ben Ming, the ones who eat meat look very martial and valiant, the ones who eat vegetables and cereals are smart and bright, the ones who eat Qi have good spirit and can be immortal, the ones who never eat can enjoy the enteral longevity and immortality.

Generally speaking, Taoist Fasting can be classified into two main kinds as fasting by intaking Qi and fasting by intaking medicines. Fasting by Qi works by stopping eating cereals, instead manipulates the breathing and practices Qigong which performs like fetus and turtle. Fasting by intaking herbs usually choose nuts, TCM herbs as sesame, black bean, red dates, Chestnut, walnut meat, honey, alcohol, radix rehmanniae, rhizoma polygonati, fleece-flower root, wolfberry fruit, radix asparagi, radix ophiopogonis, chrysanthemum, poria cocos, atractylodes, pine nuts, cedar seed, 's-tears, yam, almonds, radix paeoniae alba, calamus, alisma, pyrrosia leaf……

We perform Taoist fasting by intaking fresh air, release noxious air and waste wthin our body reaching the purpose of keeping healthy and enjoying longevity. Ancient Chinese people and TCM doctors came to the conclusion that there were three resin and nine worms in our body, namely up ,middle and low resin each with 3 worms respectively. Three dead insects are actually parasites in the cells in the eyes of modern medicine, which flow with the blood to each part of our body , harm our neurosystems and destroy the immune systems. In Taoism belief Three Resin stand for three evil desire namely personal desire, appetite and sexual desire. Three dead insects ,according to traditional legendary, are connected to spritizer which make people sick together internally and externally.

Taoist fasting has been proven by modern medical science to cure diatetes and cardiovascular diseases. In practice we usually do Taoist fasting under the guidance of experienced instructors otherwise some danger or side effects may take place because Taoist Fasting has to follow certain scientific steps and different person has different constitution, some of which are not suitable for undertaking the practice. Usually we follow the following general steps:

(1) stop eating meat gradually

(2) reduce our food step by step to zero

(3) eat fruit and drink water only when feel uncomfortable

(4) begin to train Qigong

(5) take herbal medicines

(6) Meditation and Soft Taiji training                                                    


Taoist fasting

Taoist fasting

Human follows nature

Tao follows nature

Taoist fasting enjoys a long history

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