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We offer a program suitable for both personal development with in the Martial Arts and future plans of teaching or opening your own Schools. The Wudang Songxi Pai study program is designed to give you a proper foundation with in the Internal Martial arts of Wudang Shan. The study plan is based on 9 sections, every section is 3 months. The program is under guidance from Wudang Songxi Pai Successor Master Yao.
Become a Wudang Disciple. If you follow this schedule step by step and train hard you will get a proper foundation and reach a good level of Gong Fu. You start as a beginner but after the full program is over you will be a true disciple of the Wudang Songxi Pai. This is the traditional way of the Wudang Neijia teachings from the Daoist Temples of Wudang Shan.
Bai Ri Zhu Ji , One Hundred Days to Build the Foundation. It is said that the first 100 days are important for building up the Qi, body structure and the 6 harmonies so therefore this step is the most important phase of the training. With a good and solid foundation your future training will give good results and therefore built up a good foundation for further practice.
Traditional Wudang Songxi Forms (these are our main unique teaching contents taught by master Yao)

 Songxi Taiji  Songxi Xiaohua(small flower) Sword(Video)
 Songxi Baihong (white rainbow) Sword(Video)  Songxi pigeon Form
 Songxi Guangming(bright) Form(Video)  Songxi short Club(Video)
 Songxi Wenjin(ask for the way) Form (Video)  Songxi Bagua Sword
 Songxi snake-style Sword(Video)  (Teaching Video)  (Video)  Songxi Yexing (night walking) Saber(Video)
Traditional Baji Form  Songxi Bagua Palm
 Songxi Six-step Form(Video)  Songxi Zhichi(one inch) Form
 Songxi Long-braid Sword  Songxi double hook and sword
 Songxi Tigertail Whip  Songxi Drunken Sword
 Songxi Spade  Songxi Rope Dart
 Songxi Swallow Form(Video)  Songxi Fuchen(Video)
 Songxi Yanchi(Goose Wing) Form(Video)  Songxi Duan Da (short distance Basics) Video
 Songxi Methods of Qinna,Wrestling and Tumbling (Video)  

Wudang Songxi Neigong  
 Songxi Bagua Iron Arm  Songxi Dapeng Qigong
 Songxi Tongzi(bucket) Kung  Songxi Pushhands
 18 kinds of Songxi wrestling and qinna  

Wudang Taoist Arts

 Dao De Jing  I-ching  Huang Di Nei Jing
 Zhuang zi  meridians and channels  Acupuncture
 Taoist medicines  taoist prediction methods  Taoist Tea Art
 Taoist Etiquette  Taoist chanting Classics  Taoist Music

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