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 Training of body posture. Breathing 

Stretch muscles,thaw bones relax bodises


All kinds of steps and legs work

 Step feat

Unique ways of shunning the rivals

 Songxi Qin na
 Fundamental forms  8 movements of taiji

Improvement of stamina and anneal of perseverence.

 push hands

Enhancement of courage and wild survival.

 tumbling techniques
 Basical exercises of wapons  internal attack and defend
 Fightting with weapons.  upper,middle and down parts of body

basic dual figting with bare hands

 7 kinds of stakes
kicking,wrestling  eyesight work

Traditional wudang internal forms

 Pinyin  English
 Tai Ji 64(article)  Tai Ji 64-style(video)
 Taiji 36   Taiji 36
 Taiji 18   Taiji 18
 Taiji 13  Taiji 13
 Taiji 108  Taiji 108
 Xing Yi Quan(article)  Form and Willing Boxing(video)
 Bagua Zhang(article)  Eight Diagram Palm(video)

Tai Yi Xiaoyao zhang(article)

Tai Yi Carefree Palm(video)

 Tai Yi WuXing Quan  Tai  Yi  Five Elements Boxing
 Longhu Da Lianhuan  Rings of Dragon and Tiger
 Longxing Bagua  dragon-style bagua

Jiangshi Bagua

 Jiang-style bagua
 Youshen Bagua  Bagua of Flowing Body
 Wudang Michuan Tai jiquan  Wudang Esoteric Tai Chi Chuan
 Wudang Xiaojia Tai Ji  Wudang taiji of low stake
 Wudang Dajia Tai Ji   wudang taiji of high stake
 Wudang Mianzhang  Wudang Cotton Palm


 pinyin  English

Wudang Xing Jian(article)

 Wudang Xing Sword(video)
 Wudang Dan Sword(article)  Wudang Dan Sword(video)
 Xuanwu Gun(article)  Xuanwu Club(video)
 Wu Long Qiang(article)  Black Dragon Spear(video)
 Pan Long Dao(article)  Winding Dragon Sword(video)
 Fuchen(article)  Horsetail Whisk(video)
 Xingyun shuanggou(article)  Twin Hooks(video)
 Duan gun(article)  Short club
 Shuang Qiang(article)  Double Spear(video)
 Baxian Gun  Eight Immortal Club
 Tai Ji Sword  Tai Ji Sword
 Fangbian Chan  Spade
 Shanzi  fan
 Bagua Dao  Eight Diagram Sword(video)
 Heihu Dao  Black Tiger Sword
 Ziwu Yuanyang Rong  Mandarin Duck Tomahawk
 Shengbiao  Rope with dart in the end

Traditional Wudang Songxi Forms

 Songxi Taiji  Songxi Xiaohua(small flower) Sword(Video)
 Songxi Baihong (white rainbow) Sword(Video)  Songxi pigeon Form
 Songxi Guangming(bright) Form(Video)  Songxi short Club(Video)
 Songxi Wenjin(ask for the way) Form (Video)  Songxi Bagua Sword
 Songxi snake-style Sword(Video)  (Teaching Video)  (Video)  Songxi Yexing (night walking) Saber(Video)
Traditional Baji Form  Songxi Bagua Palm
 Songxi Six-step Form(Video)  Songxi Zhichi(one inch) Form
 Songxi Long-braid Sword  Songxi double hook and sword
 Songxi Tigertail Whip  Songxi Drunken Sword
 Songxi Spade  Songxi Rope Dart
 Songxi Swallow Form(Video)  Songxi Fuchen(Video)
 Songxi Yanchi(Goose Wing) Form(Video)  Songxi Duan Da (short distance Basics) Video
 Songxi Methods of Qinna,Wrestling and Tumbling (Video)  

Wudang Internal Neigong

 Ba Duan Jin  Internal Alchemy
 5-animal Qigong  kidney-strengthening Qigong
 Internal power from Dan Tian  Qi circulation through Ren and Du meridian Channels
 wudang healthpreserving Qigong  Taoist Fasting
 Wudang Songxi Neigong  
 Songxi Bagua Iron Arm   Songxi Dapeng Qigong
 Songxi Tongzi(bucket) Kung  Songxi Pushhands
 18 kinds of Songxi wrestling and qinna  

Wudang Taoist Arts,Taoist Medicines and Healthpreserving

 Dao De Jing  I-ching  Huang Di Nei Jing
 Zhuang zi  meridians and channels  Acupuncture
 Taoist medicines  taoist prediction methods  Taoist Tea Art
 Taoist Etiquette  Taoist chanting Classics  Taoist Music
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