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Class One: Short-term Form Training Class

You can choose the study contents and living standard  by yourself.You can stay for few days,few months or even 1 month.

For short-term training:

1. We offer one to one teaching. You can choose the form you wish to learn. We guarantee orthodox training.

2. You have the right to decide your training time. A trainee who has basic skills can learn a form in a shorter time period.

3. In order to ensure you are satisfied with what you have achieved in your chosen time, we can offer extra classes. 


Class Two:Healthpreserving class

We welcome anyone who who want to improve their health.Main teaching contents include:taiji, 7-star qigong,Enliving-bone qigong,8 embroidery,Wudang Secret Songxi Qigong,lectures on taoist healthpreserving manners.


Class Three:Qigong Class

This class focuses on Internal Alchemy,Meditation,Healthpreserving Qigong,Daoyin,Tuna,Songxi Qigong and other traditional qigong.For this class you will also study chinese herbal medicines,wudang esoteric pictures about body cultivation,body points.

Class Four: Traditional Chinese Medicine Class

Studying contents:Meridian points,Tuina,Massage,Herbs,Acupuncture,Pulse reading,Healthpreserving etc. You might email us for the excerpts of the class notes edited by our students.


Class Five:Wudang Taoist Culture Class

Study contents:Book of Change,Bagua,Dao De Jing,Yellow Emperor's Medicine book,Inner Landscape,Calligraphy,Chinese language,Taoist music


Class Six:Self-defence,practical fighting and Qinna Class

Contents:Pointing;Qinna ; Internal Fighting; Application of Taichi;Push hands ;Self-defence skills etc


Class Seven:Long-term successor Class

Click to see our 3-year plan

program to pass on knowledge of both Kung Fu and Taoist philosophy to cultivate qualified internaltional Wudang Kungfu desciples


     At the request by Kungfu enthusiasts, Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Academy now initiates the long-term program for specifically cultivating international Wudang Kungfu disciples. We plan to recruit twenty overseas talented students who can endure the hardship to master the authentic Wudang Kungfu. Via a systematic and professional training program boasting teaching courses like martial arts, Taoism theory as well as Taoist health preservation approaches, foreign disciples can master authentic Wudang Martial Arts forms, the meditation approaches, Taoist thoughts and Taoism culture that have influenced China for thousands of years. Thereby, the Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Disciples can disseminate and carry forward what they have learnt to the world to fulfill the old saying, “let all mankind share 400 square kilometers Wudang culture together.”



(1)  800 CNY per day covering double room,foods and tuition fee.

(2)  9800 CNY per month covering double room,foods and tuition fee.

(3)  12 000 CNY  per month covering single room,foods and tuition fee.

(4)  98 000 CNY per year covering double room,foods and tuition fee.

(5)  240 000 CNY for three years. Click to see detailed information

(6)  30 000 CNY per month: Single room near mountain temple, private one-to-one training, basic recuperation by Taoist doctor, series Taoist culture activities. Click to see detailed information

(7)  50 000 CNY per month for Taoist experience programe of 30 days. Click to see detailed information

(8)  250 000 CNY per month: Luxury room near mountain temple,private one-to-one training,individual-tailored meal recipes prescribed by senior Taoist doctor.Qigong ,needles,herbs,cupping combustion healing according to individual constitution,series Taoist culture activities.Healing or alleviation of  cancer,diabetes,mental disorder,neuradynamia,obesity,drug-alchohol addiction,weak constitution,AIDS etc by senior Taoist  cultivator,doctor,Qigong master,Traditional Chinese medicine doctor and internal kungfu master via methods of Qigong training,soft taiji  training,herbal medicines,massage,needles,combustion,immortality cultivation etc.Click to see detailed information

Note: (1) to (5) is the rate for regular kungfu training while (6) to (8) for special programes.


Make payment via wireless transfer

Bank :bank of china
Account number: 4563 5176 0530 2688 002
account address:Shiyan Branch,Wudangshan
swift code: BKCH  CN  BJ  600
Note: Please write an email with a picture of the receipt after transfer is sent so that we can verify the information.There are no refunds under any circumstances after you have made payments. Please make sure that before you pay you are clear about what you want to learn, as well as how long, and that you have communicated with Wudang Daoyuan.
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