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Dinner time

Make dumplines

       All of our dieses are cooked in the style of  traditional chinese families with small dishes. We try our best to buy all the foods from the local farmers so the vegetables can be purely organic which facilitates the healthperservation. Food additives are never put into the dishes and our baby also eats. Usually all the students and master eat together at a round table like a family . Seasonal fruits and beers are offered at least one meal per day .Dumplines are offered at least 2 times per week stuffed with eggs,toufu and meat .Steamed stuffed bun is usually made once per week with wood as fuel. The usual dishes cover meat,beef,fish,vegetables,chinese fungas with rice and noodles as staple foods.The majority of the international students love the dishes of our school and some of them even participate in the cooking process to study the chinese cuisine culture . We think our food is the best among Wudang kungfu schools.   

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