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Wudang Xuanwu Pai

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Zhang San Feng predicted: ‘The mount will be flourishing some day”

and told his disciples ‘to carefully preserve the transmission of Dao ‘.

The Zhang San Feng legacy

Almost 800 years after you could hear Zhang San Feng preach the texts of Dao De Jing in the “Wu Long Gong Temple” of Wudang, his legacy lives on. Preserved throughout the history by Daoist scholars and revolutionary Heroes the Wudang Internal Martial Arts are as strong as ever. The full system of the Arts was passed on to one linage holder at the time which made it hard to trace during history. Some times Wudang has flourished and sometimes the tradition was almost lost. This is why it is now open the public so the knowledge can spread and live on forever.

At the beginning San Feng had a humble amount of disciples who followed him to live in huts around early temples of the Mountain. They where studying the Stars, Energy, Medicine and Martial Arts. Later creating the foundation we still stand on today. Based on the Daoist Principles, Yin and Yang, Five Element Theory and the martial heritage from the Song Shan “Shaolin Temple” a movement grew strong. A movement that would change the Martial Arts World forever. The modern forms of Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, Baji Quan, Xing Yi Quan was all born out of these ideas and Wudang was the location where people gathered to practice the Internal Martial Arts and Selfcultivation.


The Xuan Wu Pai

In Yong Le Period of Ming Dynasty (1413) then emperor ordered the start of the big construction project in Mt. Wudang. Zhang Yu Qing, one Taoist from Zheng Yi sect, acted upon the order and called more than four hundred of Taoists from nearby provinces and brought them to Mt. Wudang. Among them around 20 were assigned with important posts in the many Wudang temples. All these Taoist regarded Zhen Wu as the common God and respected Zhang San Feng as their founder. Therefore, people call them Zhen Wu Xuan Wu sect. In 1989, upon the common understanding, the Taoism association agreed to change the name of the sect as “Wudang Xuan Wu sect.” This sect boarsts lots of classics, among them Zhen Wu Cannon remains the mainstay.


”Zhang San Feng transmitted his knowledge to Lu Qiu Yun, Liu Gu Quan, Yang San Cheng, Zhou Zhen De, Li Xing Zhi, Qiu Xuan Qing. Li Xing Zhi also transferred his learning to Zhi Dao Ren, Shu Fu Chu; Qiu Xuan Qing to Yan Shan Ming, Pu Shan Yuan, Ma Shan Ning, etc. The Taoism Sects Chronicle, an ancient book circulating in Wudang area, has the recording that the Wudang Pai had eight branches.”


You Xuande

Daoist Master You Xuande is now the 14th generation headmaster of the Wudang Xuan Wu Pai. Coming from a family with strong Martial history You Xuande have been practicing Martial Arts since childhood. When he turned 18 he was already assisting his father in training the Chinese Special Forces. He’s knowledge was on a high level and he sent out to find great masters to train for.  After achieving the real Wudang Boxing from Wang Weishen, the inheritor of Wudang Songxi-style, he was strongly recommended to go and learn at the original place of Wudang Martial Arts – the Wudang Mountain.


At the mountain his teachers were all foremost Wudang Daoists Tongshen Wang (a hermit at Wudang Temple), Zhu Chengde (Daosit headmaster), Lu Ming Dao (who lived over 100 years old). During the 1990′s he did many exebitions and shows and helped spreading the Wudang knowledge all over China. He base his teachings on Daoist principles and Chinese Medicine. All the movements have practical applications that underlines the herritage of Wudang as an effective fighting art. Grand Master You Xuande is now resident at the Nan Wudang Shan outside Wuhan.



Master qingfengzi has long followed master You Xuande and has been instructed by him incessantly.With great talent in martial arts and extraordinary diligence Qingfengzi is a true successor of Wudang Xuanwu Pai.

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