Wudang Mountain

Overview of Mt.Wudang


Wudang Mountain, located in Shiyan City,Hubei Province, is both a famous scenic spot and the Taoist Holy Land in China.What is more it is also the cradle of Wudang Internal Martial Arts or Wudang Kung Fu. The ancient architectural complex on the mountain was listed by UNESCO in 1994 as a World Culture Heritage Site. It is famous for many Taoist Monasteries where many Taoist ravine are shirined which attracts many Chinese religious believers here to pilgrime.

The natural scenery of Wudang Mountain is breathtaking and magnificent, tinged with some fantastically serene and charming touches.

Major scenic spots include 72 peaks, 36 rocky cliffs, and 24 streams. Golden Peak the  highest point, creates a striking view of "One Pole Supporting the Sky." Clustered around it are numerous smaller ones, composing a fantastic picture of 72 peaks paying homage to the main one.

Wudang Mountain is renowned as Immortals' Mountain of Taoism and the World for Swordsman. It is a famous Taoist center in China with a long history of Taoist practice and a profound Taoist culture. Wudang Mountain is also well-known for its deep-rooted tradition of Wushu (Martial Arts). As an old saying goes: "ShaolinWushu is the best in the north, while Wudang Wushu ranks first in the south."

The ancient architectural complex in Wudang  consists of eight palaces, two Taoist temples, 72 rock temples, 12 pavilions and 10 shrines. Large in scale and excellent in technical detail, it is a powerful demonstration of the harmony between architecture and nature. Inspired by the fairyland picture of the perfect blending of buildings and mountains, Wudang architectural complex is known as the Imperial Palace on the Cliff.

The Crown Prince's Slope View-site includes Dragon-returning Temple, Needle-rubbing well (Pure Sunshine Palace), Old Monarch's Hall, The Eight Immortals Temple, etc. Though the route is relatively long, most of them cling tightly to the road up to the mountain; and the means of transportation are very convenient.
The ancient buildings on the Crown Prince's Slope were elaborately built according to the story of Emperor Zhenwu's cultivation. Ancient architects made full use of the topography and built up double-layered walls, the Nine-winding Yellow River Walls. When you pass two mountain gates, a spacious courtyard will come into view. Strolling further along the path, you will see secluded overlapping courtyards. In front, there was a building called Five-Cloud Building attached to the rock; in the middle, the Halls to Store Royal Scriptures; and at the back, the Crown Prince's palace on the dais. The layout here is irregular from left to right and dotted about from higher to lower places, harmonious and perfect, ingenious and full of mystery. Standing on the top of the Fuzhen Temple and looking down the deep abyss, you will see the green rivers winding away; looking at the mountains, you will find thousands of elegant and beautiful peaks. When the sun sets in the west, you can see the wonderful sight of "Cutting Shadow".
The main places of interest in this district include the exquisite gloriette of Needle-rubbing Well, the invertebrates of Paleozoic Era, right angle rock, the paintings of Zhenwu's cultivation, the waterfall of Heaven Pool, the Tears-dropping Pool, one pillar and twelve girders, osmanthus trees and Nine-winding Yellow River Walls. Furthermore, the ancient road of belt-like 18-turning, unique rocks in Nine-passing Gully and steep Yuxu Rock, etc.




At the foot of Stretching Flag Mount sits magnificent and boundless Purple Cloud Palace. Here, with the cluster of hills guarding the peaks, the wood of pine and green cypress deep and remote, and the surroundings elegant and weather comfortable, the place is thought the Blessed Place in Purple Cloud Palace View-site.
Purple Cloud Palace is an apotheosis of construction by employing the particular physiognomy that is cragged in length while wide and plain on breadth. All the buildings are arrayed along the axis. On the axis lie the Green Dragon and White Tiger Palace, Imperial Stele Pavilion, Shifang Hall, the Grand Hall of Purple Cloud Palace and Parents' Palace from the bottom to the top. The altitude of these building gradually rises and the axis symmetries the wing houses of each construction. And through the way of stacking tall sidesteps, the Purple Cloud Palace is divided into three sections of yard, so as to form a kind of group of constructions in which one row is upon row of the other and the primary buildings are more distinctive than the secondary ones. From a far distance, the palace has the airs of imperial worshipping rites.
Historically, Purple Cloud Palace, because of taking the responsibilities of praying for royal families, had solemn overall arrangement, exquisite furnishings. Inside each various palace, the worshipped deities and celestial beings are ablated. Together with the divine tables, obliging apparatuses and omniscient instruments, all these consist a mysterious and metaphysical world. The images created by Taoist legends are so vivid by design and various on airs. Here, people may differ them from their status, divine responsibilities, specified occupations, dispositions and thoughts.
Emperor of Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties often issued their orders to set up altar so as to praise and pray for good fortune, or plead deities to bless the peace of their state and the plain people or the harvest of crops. In fact, this was a ritual of communicating with Gods, for Taoism thought through that way Gods would help the prayers, bless them to be away from the disasters and prolong their lifespan.
At present, the Purple Heaven Palaces is not only the best Choice to visit, but also the locus of the Taoism Association of Wudang Mountain. Here is the destination of experts from all over the world. Furthermore, it is the very source for Taoism researchers to search the origin of Taoism.

The South Cliff, also called Purple Cloud Cliff, was given the name since it faces south. With magnificent mountains and dense forests, here are the most perfectly collaborated building group by both artificial and natural scenery among the 36 cliffs in Wudang Mountain.
The buildings of South Cliff had broken the rule that traditional buildings should symmetrize in composition and layout, achieved a high degree of harmony with the surroundings around. Ancient craftsmen made good use of its physiognomy, making the building group very imposing and grand.
The sceneries in South Cliff are quite distinctive and with a lot of changes. There are Flying Cliff with the peak rising to the sky, the ancient Stone Palace built on dangerous cliff and so on. So South Cliff has become one of the main view-sites in Wudang Mountain and won many praises from the tourists.












The golden palace£¬the symbol of the Wudang mountain, is the sign of Wudang Taoism reaching a high peak under the support of the imperial family.
Standing in front of the Golden Palace, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scene of Wudang Mountain, as far as 400 kilometers. All the peaks are stopping at the static moment, just like raged waves, which wonderfully advertises the majority prestige and lofty imperial power.
The Golden Palace, with a height of5.45 meters and flying eaves decorated by dragon, phoenix, sea horse, and immortals, is the highest one in the ancient Chinese construction grade. Bronze constructed, the Golden Palace was gilded by gold outside. All the parts were so perfect matched that there is without any crevice. Enduring about 600 years¡¯ wind and rain, thunder and lightening, cold winter and hot summer, the Golden Palace is still shining as if it was newly built up. Hence, the Golden Palace, national treasure, not only presents the wonderful Chinese ancient architecture skills, but also reveals the wisdom of Chinese people and ancient scientific level.
The Golden Palace is the integration of intelligence and creativity, and also the display of art and beauty. The inside walls of the Golden Palace were lightly carved with soft floating clouds lines. Purple mantel, clean and smooth, reflects a gentle and harmonious color. The statues of Emperor Zhenwu, Gold Boy and Jade Girl, and the Generals of Water and Fire are being worshipped inside of the Gold Palace, with delicate portray and distinct personality.
Golden Clock Pavilion and Jade Drum Pavilion are in front of the Golden Palace. On the two sides of the palace, there are lot house and stamp house for pilgrims to draw lots and stamp the holy mark. Behind those houses is Parents¡¯ Palace, which is the holy place for pilgrims showing respect to Zhenwu¡¯s parents
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