Wudang Organic Orange

2013-1-6 17:19:05


  Wudang Mountain ,the taoist holy land is not only famous for its traditional taoist culture but also famous for its rich production of good quality oranges with sweet and fine taste. Grown on the wudang mountains along the Danjiangkou reservoir ,the largest freshwater

lake enjoying mild climate with the average annual temperature between 15.9 and 16.2 . Due to long time of sunshine , subtropical climate zone,obvious season changes,proper altitude and fresh water wudang oranges have its special tastes ,bright color and rich juice. Like

taichi and taoist healthpreservation wudang oranges are also essential to our health ,especially for those who are with Three High. Wudang oranges are chemical-fertilizer-fee and pesticides-free so it is a good healthpreservation product.


  Because of its good tastes and multifunctions wudang oranges are popular with people at home and abroad.Wudang orange has been confered as one of china's green foods of 21st century and accredited as safe food list in conformity with National food safety standards.


  Up to now wudang orange has been exported to Russia ,Canada and Southeast Asia.With great hospitability we,people from the taoism cradle ,sincerely welcome guests from every corner of the world visiting wudang experincing the taoist culture and tasting fantastic wudang

organic oranges at the same time . If you have the interest in importing our oranges please feel free to contact us and we meanwhile also hope to let more people taste this holy fruit.



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