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Introduction of Baxianguan Tea Plantation of Wudang Mountain

Baxianguan Tea Plantation is located in the most famous Taoist holy Wudang Mountain in northwest of Hubei Province, Where there are series of beautiful mountains with clear water, and good ecological balance and it is an ideal place to produce high quality tea.

    The tea plantation was established in 1966 and now it has more than 50000 mu ecological organic tea gardens, producing 50 tons famous high quality tea every year, creates more then 20 million yuan and the export amount is  more then 8 million. As a typical modern agricultural plantation,  Baxianguan Tea Plantation insists the idea that the development of human beings should based on nature. The plantation also depends on good ecological environment, sticking to creative and technology, to seek a way to achieve sustainable development with population, economy, society, resources and environment all in harmony.  The plantation has been awarded the title of Famous Plantation by the government of Hubei Province, Civilization Village. In 1999, It was especially named the Hometown of Chinese Taoist Tea Culture by the Ministry of Agriculture.

    The plantation has a standard management, good equipment and high technique. The plantation carries out the standard skills tea, and it is the first tea plantation in Hubei to pass EU on producing organic agricultural products attestation,  It is also the model base of organic tea plantation in Hubei Province. The plantation invested 6 million yuan to build high quality producing and packing tea workshop. The plantation has received a lot of achievements by cooperating with scientific research institution in the state and province, The quality of the staff has been improved a lot. The plantation has developed more than 20 kinds of tea products, such as Wudang Yinjian, Wudang Zhenjing Tea, Wudang Kungfu Tea, Wudang Taoist Black Tea etc.

    One of the tea Wudang Zhenjing has got golden prize many times at home and abroad. It is also a famous brand in Hubei Province. Wudang Taoist Kungfu Tea is produced with the help of Chinese tea museum, which can perfect ourselves, resist cancer, beautify human bodies. So it is popular with consumers at home and abroad. Wudang Healthy Pillow also produced by the plantation itself, has the function of healthy care, so it is awarded the patent  product by national patent office, with the patent number of ZL01120058.8.

    Wudang taoist has a long history and Chinese tea culture passed down from generation to generation. The plantation continuously spreads Taoist tea culture, and  creates typical China taoist tea culture. When you are drinking Wudang Taoist  tea, you will feel the special cultural nourishment. These years ,the CCTV,the Hollywood.and other media and all the famous people of all sections of society visit Wudang Mountain for Taoism,visit Baxianguan for Taoist tea,

    All the people of Baxinguan are friendly and hospitably. The  whole staff welcome customers at home and abroad to visit Wudang Mountain, at the same time enjoy our Taoist tea, and establish friendly business relationship.

The History of Wudang Taoist Tea

1. In ancient times, about 5000 years ago, When the holy farmer-Shen Nong rescue patients, he tasted plants and found tea in Wudang Mountain. He was the first man who found and used tea.

    2. About 2800 years ago, Yinjifu, who was an official in Fangling during Zhou dynasty, wrote the Book of Odes, in which there are seven poetries are about Qin-ba Wudang's tea.

    3. According to Luyu's (the tea sage in China) Tea Classic, wild tea was once found in Ba-shan during Tang dynasty.

    4. It was said that eight immortals once stayed in Wudang Mountain to enjoy Wudang Taoist Tea, now this field was called eight immortals temple.

    5. In 1999, Baxianguan got the Hometown of Chinese Taoist Tea Culture by the Ministry of Agriculture.

    6. In 2009, Wudang Taoist Tea was listed as immaterial culture heritage.

Wudang Taoist Tea Series(Wudang Zhenjing Tea)

Famous tea comes from famous mountain, nice tea comes from high mountain Baxianguan Tea Plantation of Wudang Mountain, Hubei province, located in northwest of Qinba mountains, which is the origin of Chinese tea, world-famous Taoist sacred sites, core parts of Wudang Mountain one of national scenic spots. Baxianguan is about 600-800 meters above the sea level. All the year round, it is surrounded by clouds and mist, and enjoys pleasant weather. Thousands of tea gardens accompanied with forest give us a vividly landscape painting.

    The plantation has a standard and scientific management system. In 2000, it has been certified as organic tea by EU. We also got the safety license of food production, export health registration,   ISO9000 international quality system, etc. The annul output of the plantation is over 30,000Kg. It is also the model base of organic tea, the export base of tea plantation in Hubei province and the hometown of Chinese Taoist tea culture.

    Wudang Zhenjing Tea, the main product of Wudang Taoist Tea series, is the one of the protection series of national immaterial culture heritage .It comes from an old saying of Wudang Mozhen Well Elbow grease gives the best polish.The dry tea leaves are tight and straight just like needles, green bloom with tips. The tea coup is brilliant green while the flavor is strong and sustainable. It tastes fresh and brisk. Since it was developed, it has been got the National Golden Award, the International Well-known Tea and the Famous Trade-mark.

    Welcome to Wudang to enjoy Taoist Tea and the spectacular scenery !

    Usage: A bag for a normal cup with the water of 80-85.It could be infused for more than seven times.

An Introduction to Wudang Kongfu Tea

 Wudang Kongfu Tea originated from Wudang Mountain, world-famous Taoist sacred place as well as one of the world heritages. This kind of tea has unique flavor and high quality. It has a long history. So it is also called Wudang Taoist tea.


    In ancient times we had Wudang kongfu.In modern times we have Wudang Kongfu tea. Baxianguan Tea Plantation is an idea place for growing organic tea. It is authenticated by the European Union as the “Organic Farm”. Wudang Kong fu tea belongs to Wudang Taoist tea series. This kind of tea is processed by combining Taiji Qiankun ball skill,one of Wudang36 skills, with modern processing technology. First, the tea leaves are left to dry a little after they are picked. Then they are shaken many times. The next step is to heat the tender tea leaves to preserve their greenness and to destroy the ferment in them .Then they are wrapped with great strength. Finally they are fermented with  Roubao skill .It takes more than 30 hours to process this kind of tea. Wudang Kongfu tea is processed with superb and complicated technique. Dry tea leaves have delicate lines and bright colors. When soaked in boiling water, the tea is golden and clear, giving off a rich, pure perfume. The fragrant flavor lasts a long time. It is  honored“ that The flavor of the tea still remains after the seventh watering. ”It is also called Taiji Healthy Kongfu Tea. The nutrients are also very rich, such as tea alkaloids and vitamin C, this kind of tea helps to digest, resolve and get rid of fat, prevent cancer and so on. People with obesity will get over it and become slim if they keep drinking three to four cups of this tea before each meal every day.


    Ways of drinking:

    a. Put tea leaves into a teapot, where tealeaves fill one third of the pot

    b. Pour high quality spring water heated to 100 into the teapot.

    c. Soak the tea for about 2 minutes, then pour the tea into teacups and savor it.

An Introduction to Wudang Health Pillow

The manufacture of Wu Dang Health Pillow is based on Chinese medical theories, emphasizing that the entire universe is governed by the laws of Taoism, and thus all of nature is united, forming one complete whole.  And the human body, mind, and spirit form one complete whole within themselves and with the environment and the universe.  In harmonizing one's own life, the health pillow initiates  the family.


    With the unique nature resources and the rich understanding of herbs, we put great efforts into research and quality control, in order to ensure our products are in best qualities.  By choosing the most suitable herbs and applying our valuable experience, our aim is to produce the kind of health pillow for a unique you to meet your treatment needs.  We promise that each and every customer can full contented.



    1.  Use a thin pillow cover to maintain the best effects fro the herbs

    2.  Keep clean and dry and keep out of humidity

    3.  Expose the health pillow to the sun at certain time every month

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